The Rexing R4 Enhanced IR Dash Cam Captures 4-Channels All In Real HD

The Rexing R4 Enhanced IR Dash Cam Captures 4-Channels All In Real HD

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The Rexing R4 is the latest dash cam to emerge from the fan-favorite dash cam company. And, it’s easy to see why this innovative road-side witness is turning heads. 

Tesla drivers… we didn’t forget about you! Keep reading to learn how an IR night vision dash cam can upgrade your EV’s built-in surveillance system. 

The All-Around Solution 

Rexing now offers a 4-channel dash cam that’s easy to use and set-up. The R4 is superiorly designed with only two units to install. Thanks to their efforts in research and development, Rexing is the first dash cam company to popularize this type of model; as most others on the market would require you to install up to 4 separate cameras!

On top of this innovative design, the Rexing R4 features all-around 1080p Real HD resolution. This provides crystal clear footage from every angle, making for more valuable footage.

Not only does the R4 offer the most channels, but it allows you to fully customize your viewing experience as well. Both side cameras can be adjusted 180-degrees to perfectly fit your unique field of view. You can even choose to turn one or both side cameras in to face your cabin. 

Both the left and right side cameras are enhanced with 4 IR lights each. So, if you need to capture footage of your vehicle’s interior, the R4 ensures that you’ll be able to record clearer videos even in complete darkness or challenging lighting conditions.

Who Can Benefit From 4-Channels? 

With the rise of electric vehicles, recently EV drivers are making use of multi-channel dash cams to make up for the absence of IR night vision capabilities in Tesla's cabin cameras. Without IR night vision, the cabin cameras may struggle to capture clear footage in low-light or nighttime conditions.

However, typically a 4-channel dash cam is best suited for vehicles that have multiple viewing angles and require comprehensive surveillance. 

This type of dash cam setup is commonly used in larger vehicles such as trucks, vans, buses, or fleet vehicles. The four channels allow you to monitor not only the front view but also the rear and side views of the vehicle. 

This is particularly useful for commercial purposes, where a comprehensive recording of the vehicle's surroundings is essential for safety, security, and liability purposes. In addition, a 4-channel dash cam can be beneficial for private car owners who want to have a comprehensive surveillance system.

It provides an added layer of security by capturing incidents that may occur from different angles, including potential collisions, vandalism, theft, or hit-and-run accidents.

Overall, a 4-channel dash cam is ideal for vehicles that require a comprehensive and multi-angle recording system, such as commercial vehicles or individuals seeking enhanced surveillance for their vehicles.