The Rexing Dash Cam Range Explained

An in-depth review of every Rexing dash cam model

Introducing The Rexing Full-Spectrum

From 1-4 channels, high-tech features and innovative build


Rexing R4

Our ground-breaking, most full coverage dash cam model yet. The R4 is the-first-to-market 4-channel dash cam, capable of capturing your front, rear, left, and right views as you drive. Sharp 1080p resolution captures Full HD video from all sides, guaranteeing no details go unnoticed. 

It features 180° adjustable left/right cameras complete with 4 IR lights (each) w/ the option to turn to face the cabin view. Position & angle for a fully customizable experience, made to fit every driver and all-sized vehicles.


Rexing M Series

Our innovative M series dash cams mount on to the rearview mirror, offering an improved field of vision while keeping your dash cam out of sight. The M series is our most low-profile and easiest dash cam model to install. 

The 12” IPS touchscreen can stream the view from any of the three cameras, providing an automatic backup cam and a wider awareness of what’s happening on the road around you. This model series also comes packed with smart AI driving assist features that expand your vehicle’s functionality.


Rexing V1 Series

Our bare-bones, best selling dash cam series that measures only 2.5 x 4.5” and captures high quality footage of the road ahead without all the extra fluff and features. The simple installation and easy on-boarding process is perfect for first time dash cam user’s.


Rexing V1P Series

Our most powerful and compact model dash cams, the V1P series is a refreshed version of the V1 with the same build, but with higher resolution, advanced power saving modes, higher temperature resistance, and more features and functionalities.


Rexing V2 Pro

The Rexing V2 Pro features the world’s first 330° adjustable left and right-side cameras that rotate to effortlessly capture a broader field of view, minimize blind spots and provide better coverage of the road ahead. This model is designed for commercial-sized vehicles that often have larger windshields and wider blind spots than passenger vehicles.


Rexing V3 Series

Our V3 series dash cams record on three channels, to capture sweeping views of the front, rear, and cabin view. The larger build features a 2.7” LCD screen that can stream the view from the cabin camera. 

This series is designed specifically for rideshare drivers who need to be aware of what’s happening around them at all times.


Rexing V5 Series

Our V5 series dash cams is a brand-new way to fully customize your dash cam experience. This model has modular capabilities, meaning you can choose to add up to three channels at any time.


Rexing S Series

Our model S series dash cams offer 3-channel recording; 1 font + 2 side cameras, and are designed to capture unique angles and better fit large commercial-sized vehicles. The left/right side camera can be adjusted 180° for a fully customizable view. 

Fit with a 3” LCD screen, the S series prioritizes the on-device playback experience for drivers who constantly check dashcam footage. Our S3 even has a built-in 64GB memory capacity as well as Wi-Fi for the smoothest playback/file transfer experience yet.