Dash Cam GPS Logger

A GPS logger displays your vehicle’s speed and location with google maps integration during video playback with our Rexing GPS Player or Rexing Connect mobile app.

What is a GPS Logger?

A dash cam GPS logger tracks the speed and location of your vehicle along the record route. GPS loggers can be internal or external, meaning they are either built into the dash cam or made to be plugged into the dash cam.

All of our premium dash cams come with internal GPS Loggers, but we also have external options for those that don’t

How Does it Work?

A GPS Logger is a satellite navigation system that enables a dash cam to detect the speed and location of your vehicle. While recording, a GPS logger will stamp your footage with these details so you can review your footage in more detail.

When you playback with your footage with our playback software, you will be able to view the speed and location of your entire route.

Why Do I Need a GPS Logger w/ My Dash Cam?

Knowing the speed and location of your vehicle can help dispute speeding tickets as well as offer more information in the event of an incident. The GPS feature can be disabled at any time by turning it off in your dash cam’s settings or unplugging the external GPS Logger.

This information helps law enforcement verify faults and provides a more accurate description of the situation at hand.