What's a Dash Cam?

Thinking about investing in a dash cam? Let's start with the basics to get you informed.

A dashboard camera, aka a dash cam is a video recording device that mounts to your vehicle’s dashboard. Its purpose is to capture what’s happening on the road around you while driving.

A dash cam functions the same as any other security camera, providing useful footage to account for a series of events.

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

Owning a dash cam provides you with a personal eyewitness and, in the event of a road incident, you’ll have access to video evidence to send to insurance companies and prove who’s at fault. But, they don’t have to be all serious! Plenty of users find fun and creative ways to make use of their dash cams. For instance, editing a scenic road-trip time lapse or filming a car show. Still unsure what a dash cam can do for you? Read along to see for yourself below!

Is Having a Dash Cam Worth It?

More drivers than ever are installing dash cams, given increasing concerns about road safety, quicker insurance claims, and rising theft. Investing in a dash cam can help you save money in the long run. With first-hand evidence, you could save thousands on insurance rates or silly lawsuits. Insurance companies and law enforcement welcome dash cam footage because they paint a clear and unbiased picture of what happened. Any road incident regardless of severity can trigger the blame game. It’s better to install a dash cam and save yourself the time and hassle. Wouldn’t you rather play it safe than have no video evidence at all? Don’t leave your life up to chance, choose power over risk.

What are The Advantages of Owning a Dash Cam?

Your vehicle is always at risk, even when you’re off the road. It can be very frustrating, returning to your car and finding dents or scratches that weren’t there before. And, if you live in a city you may even find missing pieces!

Parking lot hit-and-runs can cause a lot of damage and you're often stuck paying out of pocket for something you didn’t do! Car alarms are deterring, but they rarely stop smash-and-grab break-ins.

Most of our dash cams come with parking mode, which means your camera stays on alert even when your vehicle is parked and turned off. With a dash cam, your vehicle is protected 24/7 giving you an unbeatable sense of security.

Do Dash Cams Bring Insurance Down?

Not all insurance providers offer discounts for having a dash cam installed, but quite a few do! And, owning a dash cam can indirectly impact your insurance premiums in many ways. In the event of an accident, footage provides vital information on who was involved and can be used to determine who is at fault. Proving your innocence can help you avoid the risk of increased insurance premiums due to risk and damage. Most of our dash cams come with a built-in GPS logger, which stamps your footage with the date, time, speed, and location. You may be able to use that information to dispute an unfair speeding ticket that otherwise would result in your insurance premiums going up. Dash cams also protect you against auto insurance fraud because they can show what really happened in any given incident. Anyone can be subjected to the costs of fraud, don’t be left paying for something you haven’t done.

Do Dash Cams Run When the Car is Off?

Along with recording the road, many of our dash cams come with innovative features that upgrade your whole driving experience.

Owning one of our premium dash cams can give you your very own backup camera, as well as reverse parking assistance.

We also have models with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that provide blind spot detection, forward collision warnings, lane change assist, and rear collision warnings.

With a dash cam, you can elevate your vehicle's functionality without spending tons of money!

How To Choose the Best Dash Cam for You

We have dash cams to fit every driver’s needs and budget! Do you drive for Uber or Lyft? Along with front and rear we also have cabin facing cams that record the inside of your vehicle. If you are a ridesharing driver, it’s imperative to have video surveillance for your safety and the well being of your passengers. You never know what state, or type of person, might be hopping in for a ride. By having a video recording, you can protect yourself from dangerous passengers or false claims that can negatively affect your reputation or standing with the company you drive for. Do you drive a motorcycle or an ATV? Well we have dash cams made specifically for outdoor use. These cameras are waterproof and made with super night vision to capture crisp and clear video no matter the weather conditions. You can mount these sports cams onto your motorbike, ATV, UTV, Speedboat, and even agricultural machines to stay protected and catch all the action on video!