What are Dash Cam Channels

Dash Cam channels are the number of cameras and recording angles

When it comes to dash cams, channels represent the number of cameras that are included in that unit.

The number of cameras and in turn the viewing angles directly effect the variety of footage a dash cam is capable of achieving. Our dash cams span from 1-4 channels and can cover your front, rear, cabin, left and right side view as you drive.

Utilizing more than one camera angle extends the range of footage that can be captured. This opens up possibilities for catching more key details.


A single channel dash cam has just one camera that solely records the front view.

1-Channel dash cams are great if your only goal is to capture what's happening in front of the vehicle. Our dash cams have a 170° lens, meaning they’re able to slightly capture views from one lane over on either side.

Many of our single channel dash cams are designed with modular capabilities, and are able to support rear cameras. So, if you decide later on that 1-channel is not enough, you can add to your unit!

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A dual channel dash cam has two cameras and records the driver's front and rear side views.

2-channel dash cams are helpful in viewing and capturing what’s happening behind you. With some of our models, you can even get your own backup camera as well as rear parking assistance!

A dash cam with two cameras provides more detail and makes it easier to understand the events of a situation. With a camera in the back you can confidently prove who's responsible in a rear-end collision and save yourself the time and money.

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A tri channel dash cam has three cameras and records the front, rear, and cabin views.

3-Channel dash cams work well for taxi and Uber/Lyft drivers or anyone who needs to record what’s happening from inside the vehicle. Having a cabin camera is a necessary safety precaution for rideshare drivers who often transport unknown passengers.

Cabin cameras are designed with infrared night vision for capturing bright and clear footage from inside the car in low light situations. They also record both video and audio, providing access to any key conversations or spoken info.

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A quad channel dash cam has four cameras and records the front, rear, left and right side views.

4-channel dash cams are valuable companions for anyone who routinely drives far distances or owns a larger vehicle such as a truck or a van/bus. The left/right cameras extend the viewing angle up to 360° and eliminates blind spots for longer and wider vehicles.

With more time on the road there’s a greater chance for an incident. A dash cam with four channels captures the road from all angles and provides a full picture, giving you the ultimate protection.

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