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By following these tips, you can help conceal your dash cam's power cables during installation, giving your vehicle a cleaner and more professional look. If you are not comfortable installing the dash cam and concealing the power cables yourself, we offer installation services at our Little Ferry, New Jersey Location.

How To Route Front Camera Cables

- Route your power cable inside the top headliner in the direction of the power source

- Continue through the headliner, tucking the cable inside the crevice of the A-Pillar

- Route the cable down the A-pillar by hiding inside the rubber weather strip

- Run the cable through the underside of your dashboard and plug the cable in your power source

How To Route Rear Camera Cables

- Run the rear camera cable (on the opposite side of your front cable to avoid overlap) inside the headliner of your rear windshield

- Continue down the pillars inside the rubber weather strip until you reach the A-pillar

- Continue routing the rear cam cable into the front headliner until you reach the front dah cam

- Plug the rear camera cable into the front dash cam