The memory capacity of a dash cam refers to the amount of storage space available for the dash cam to record and store video footage. Dash cams typically use microSD cards as their primary storage medium, and the memory capacity can range from as little as 8GB to as much as 512GB or more.

Which SD Card is Right for You?

The amount of memory you need will depend on how much footage you want to store and how often you want to overwrite old footage. A higher memory capacity will allow you to store more video footage, but it will also increase the cost of the dash cam.

Our Dash cams have loop recording features, which means that once the memory card is full, the oldest footage will be overwritten with the newest footage, ensuring that the dash cam always has space to record new footage.

Memory Capacity

Memory size, also known as storage capacity, refers to the amount of data that a microSD card can hold. It is typically measured in gigabytes (GB) and determines how much information can be stored on the card. MicroSD cards are available in a range of storage capacities, from as low as 128 MB to as high as 1 TB. The storage capacity of a microSD card will determine how much data, such as photos, videos, music, and documents, can be saved on it. When choosing a microSD card, it's important to consider your specific storage needs. If you plan to store a large number of high-resolution photos, videos, or music files, you'll likely need a microSD card with a larger storage capacity.

Speed Rating

Speed rating refers to the data transfer rate of a microSD card, which is measured in terms of read and write speeds. It indicates how fast data can be read from or written to the card. The speed rating of a microSD card is usually denoted by a class number or a UHS speed class rating. The class number indicates the minimum sustained write speed of the card in megabytes per second (MB/s), while the UHS speed class rating indicates the maximum transfer speed of the card.

Our Recommendation

It is important to note that the performance of the micro SD card can affect the overall performance of the dash cam, particularly its ability to record high-quality video footage smoothly and reliably. Therefore, it is recommended to use a micro SD card that is compatible with the dash cam's specifications and has a high read/write speed for optimal performance.