Wi-Fi + App Control

Dash Cam's with Wi-Fi have the extra functionality of being able to connect to your mobile device. This feature is extremely useful and allows you to transfer footage from anywhere.

What is Dash Cam Wi-Fi?

Dash Cams with built-in Wi-Fi support high-speed file transfer from your camera to your mobile device. Unlike normal Wi-Fi, dash cam Wi-Fi is not for connecting to internet access. The sole purpose is to support the connection between the camera and your phone for transferring footage.

Wi-Fi is a crucial feature that can help you find out what happened right away. If you come back to your vehicle and there's damage, you can quickly go through your footage to see what occurred and take action right away.

How does Dash Cam Wi-Fi Work?

Once connected to the app, you can access all of your camera's files from your mobile device. This allows for remote playback, and easy file management as well as sharing.

This a huge benefit because it eliminates the need for removing the SD card in order to retrieve footage. Yes, everything can be done from your smartphone!

This functionality can be extremely useful to look up footage or saving it right away so it doesn't get overwritten. In the event of an incident, you can pull up footage right away to show an officer when they arrive to the scene and save yourself time and hassle.

How Do I connect to my Dash Cams Wi-Fi?

You can connect to your dash cams Wi-Fi in 3 simple steps:

1. Go to your dash cam's settings and turn the Wi-Fi on. The Wi-Fi name(SSID) and password will show on screen.

2. Go to your phone's Wi-Fi settings, select the name of the dash cam's Wi-Fi and enter the password to connect.

3. Go to the Rexing Connect app on your phone and click the Wi-Fi icon to complete pairing.