Dash Cam Discreet Setup Guide

Dash Cam Discreet Setup Guide

How to install your dash cam discreetly

Installing a dash cam for a discreet setup offers a balance between functionality and aesthetics, providing peace of mind for drivers without compromising the appearance or safety of their vehicles

A dash cam that is visible might attract unwanted attention from potential thieves or vandals. By concealing the dash cam, you reduce the risk of theft or tampering, as opportunistic individuals may not notice it. 

Follow along and we’ll teach you how to achieve a discreet setup without compromising the quality of your dash cam footage or your safety. 

Tools you might need:

*All Rexing Dash Cams come complete with a trim tool and cable hiding clips

Trim removal tools: For gently prying off panels and trim pieces to access areas where you need to route the cables.

Adhesive promoter: Helps improve the bond between the adhesive mount and the windshield for better stability.

Cable management tools: Such as cable clips, zip ties, or Velcro straps to neatly organize and secure the power cable along its route.

Power source tester: To identify a suitable power source in the fuse box and ensure proper connection without causing damage to the vehicle's electrical system.

Microfiber cloth: For cleaning the windshield and dash cam mounting area before installation to ensure a clean surface for better adhesion.

How to Discreet Install 

Learning how to discreetly set up your dash cam is the first step to achieving a fool proof defense for the road ahead. It's essential to securely attach your dash cam so that it’s tucked away behind the rearview mirror

Installing a dash cam discreetly involves careful planning and execution to ensure it's hidden from plain sight but still functional and effective.

Placement: Optimal placement for discreteness is usually behind the rearview mirror, where it won't obstruct your view and is less noticeable from outside the vehicle. Make sure the lens has an unobstructed view of the road. 

Routing the Power Cable: The power cable should be carefully routed along the headliner, down the A-pillar, and under the dashboard to the power source (e.g., cigarette lighter socket or fuse box). Tuck the cable neatly along the edges to keep it out of sight.

Hiding Excess Cable: If the power cable is longer than needed, carefully coil and secure the excess cable behind the dashboard or under the headliner to keep it hidden.

Securing the Dash Cam: Use the adhesive mount provided with the dash cam to securely attach it to the windshield. Ensure it's firmly attached to prevent vibrations and ensure stability.

Adjustment: Once mounted, adjust the angle of the dash cam to capture the desired field of view while minimizing its visibility from outside the vehicle.

Our Recommended Dash Cams for a Discreet Setup 

For a discreet setup, you'll want a dash cam that is small in size, easy to install inconspicuously, and preferably one that blends seamlessly into your car's interior. 

Discreet Design

Opt for a dash cam with a sleek and minimalistic design that doesn't attract unnecessary attention. It's essential to securely attach your dash cam so that it’s tucked away behind the rearview mirror. 

It’s important to install your dash cam with an adhesive mount, which allows for flush mounting against the windshield making the dash cam less noticeable from outside the car. 


Small and Easily Concealed: Since it's less conspicuous, a small dash cam like the REXING DT2 less likely to be tampered with or disabled by unauthorized individuals. This ensures continuous recording of important footage in case of accidents or incidents.

Minimal Distraction: A compact dash cam doesn't obstruct your view or distract you while driving. It can be discreetly mounted behind the rearview mirror or tucked away near the windshield, ensuring your focus remains on the road ahead.

V1 Basic 

Discreet Design: The Rexing V1 Basic features a signature low-profile design, allowing it to be discreetly hidden behind the rearview mirror, ensuring it remains inconspicuous while still providing clear and sharp images.

Night Vision and Parking Monitor: With its super night vision capabilities and parking monitor feature, this dash cam ensures clear footage even in low-light conditions and automatically activates to record when vibration is detected, all while maintaining a discreet presence.

Mirror Dash Cams

Mirror dash cams are great for a discreet setup because they are the easiest to conceal by the way that they camouflage into the vehicle by looking like and seamlessly fitting over the rearview mirror


Triple-Channel Recording: The Rexing M3 offers triple-channel recording, capturing footage from the front, inside cabin, and rear views. It's perfect for rideshare drivers and anyone who needs complete protection without visible equipment, ensuring comprehensive coverage without compromising discretion.

GPS and Parking Monitor: With built-in GPS and parking monitor features, this dash cam discreetly records important details like location and speed while providing 24-hour surveillance for your vehicle, all without being prominently displayed or intrusive.

M2 Max 

Integration with Rearview Mirror: The Rexing M2 MAX is designed to fit over your rearview mirror, blending seamlessly with your vehicle's interior while providing dual-channel recording capability. Its 4K front and 1080p rear resolution ensure clear footage without sacrificing discretion.

Auto Backup Camera and Parking Mode: With its auto backup camera function and parking mode, this dash cam offers discreet protection for your vehicle, automatically recording incidents and collisions without drawing attention to its presence.