Do I Need a Hardwire Kit for my Dash Cam?

Do I Need a Hardwire Kit for my Dash Cam?

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Installing your dash cam with a hardwire kit provides continuous power, enables features like parking mode, allows for a cleaner installation, and may have less impact on your vehicle's battery compared to installing it without a hardwire kit. 

However, the choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the capabilities of your dash cam.

Consider the following factors when choosing between installing your dash cam with or without a hardwire kit

Parking Needs

If you require parking surveillance for your vehicle, a hardwire kit enables features like parking mode, which can be crucial for monitoring your vehicle's surroundings when parked.

Without a hardwire kit, parking mode may not be available or may be limited by the dash cam's internal battery capacity. If the dash cam relies solely on the vehicle's battery, extended use of parking mode could drain the battery and potentially leave the vehicle unable to start.

Power Source

When using a hardwire kit, the dash cam is powered directly from the vehicle's fuse box or power outlet, providing continuous power to the dash cam even when the vehicle is turned off. This allows features like parking mode to function.

Assess the availability of power sources in your vehicle. If you prefer continuous and uninterrupted power for your dash cam, especially when the vehicle is parked, a hardwire kit is the preferred option. 

Without a hardwire kit, the dash cam typically relies on the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket or a built-in battery for power. In this case, the dash cam may only operate when the vehicle is turned on, and features like parking mode may not be available or limited by battery capacity.

Battery Health 

Evaluate the potential impact on your vehicle's battery. While hardwiring may have less impact on battery drain, it's essential to ensure proper installation with low voltage protection to prevent excessive discharge.

Compared to using the built-in battery or cigarette lighter socket, hardwiring your dash cam may have less impact on your vehicle's battery, especially if configured with low voltage protection to prevent excessive battery drain.

Depending on the dash cam's power source and usage patterns, continuous operation without a hardwire kit could potentially drain the vehicle's battery over time, especially if the vehicle is not driven frequently.

Installation Preferences

Consider your preferences for a clean and discreet installation. Hardwiring allows for hiding cables and integrating the dash cam seamlessly into your vehicle's interior, providing a neater appearance.

Without a hardwire kit, the dash cam may require cables to be routed through the vehicle's interior to connect to the cigarette lighter socket or power outlet, which can be less tidy and may obstruct visibility or become tangled.

For customers interested in hardwiring their dash cam, it's essential to explore compatible hardwire kits that align with their preferences and feature requirements. 

Rexing offers two popular hardwire kits, each with its unique features and compatibility. The Smart Hardwire Kit is tailored for specific Rexing Supercapacitor models and provides a Mini-USB output port, while the Intelligent Hardwire Kit is compatible with all Rexing Dash Cam Models, offers a premium parking mode with motion detection, and features a Type-C output port.

REXING Smart Hardwire Kit
    • Compatibility: Designed for use with various Rexing Supercapacitor models, including V1-4K, V1P-4K, V3 Basic, V3, V2 Pro AI, and others. Not compatible with Rexing Battery Models.
    • Output Port: Equipped with a Mini-USB port.
    • Low Voltage Protection: Activates at 11.4V, safeguarding your vehicle's battery from excessive discharge.
    • Cable Length: Offers a generous 13ft cable, providing flexibility for installation.
    • Note: Ideal for customers seeking a reliable and straightforward hardwire kit tailored for specific Rexing dash cam models. However, it does not support parking mode functionality.

REXING Intelligent Hardwire Kit
    • Compatibility: Compatible with all Rexing Dash Cam Models, including R4, DT2, and M2 Max Dash Cam.
    • Output Port: Features a Type-C port, offering modern connectivity.
    • Premium Parking Mode: Incorporates a premium parking mode function that automatically powers up the dash cam upon detecting motion. This feature ensures comprehensive surveillance of your vehicle even when parked.
    • Low Voltage Protection: Activates at 11.4V, prioritizes your vehicle's battery health.
    • Note: Recommended for customers prioritizing parking surveillance and seeking compatibility with a wide range of Rexing dash cam models. It offers advanced features like motion detection and automatic recording in parking mode.

Ultimately, investing in the right hardwire kit for your dash cam not only enhances its capabilities but also ensures optimal performance and convenience.

We hope the specifics outlined in this article empower you to make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in a hardwire kit, ultimately helping you earn the most out of your dash cam and provide peace of mind on the road.

Ultimately, your decision should reflect your desired features, compatibility needs, and budget considerations. Whichever hardwire kit you choose, ensure proper installation for optimal performance and reliability in powering your dash cam.