Dash Cam Playback Tools & Software

Dash Cam Playback Tools & Software

Here at Rexing, we enhance the functionality of a traditional dash cam by providing additional features and convenient access to recorded footage and settings. 

Our playback software is designed to work in conjunction with our dash cams to provide quick and easy access to footage and sharing capabilities. 

We have two options for reviewing footage separate from your device. The first is our mobile app “Rexing Connect” for iOS and Android and the second is our “Rexing GPS Player," for Mac and Windows

We designed our mobile app “Rexing Connect” to work in conjunction with our dash cam’s built-in Wi-Fi to quickly and easily transfer your footage straight to your smartphone. Once your footage is transferred, you can share, edit, and manage your video clips and images with an intuitive and easy to navigate interface. Check out this video to learn more about our mobile app works!

Our GPS Player is made specifically for viewing your footage in tandem with accurate speed and location details along your recorded route. The GPS Player software is made to download onto your laptop or desktop computer. Check out this video to learn more about how our GPS Player works. 

You can review GPS data on both our mobile app and GPS Player. And, on our mobile app you can even view shared footage from other Rexing users if your curiosity is piqued! 

If you're still reviewing your dash cam straight off your device, you should really think about playing it on a bigger screen. I mean just imagine the small details you could be missing! 

The software for viewing dash cam footage offers several benefits. Here are some of the key advantages. 

Video Playback and Review

Dash cam software allows you to easily review recorded footage from your dash cam. You can play back the recorded videos on your computer or mobile device, providing a larger and more detailed view compared to the small screen on the dash cam itself.

Detailed Analysis 

With dash cam software, you can analyze the footage in detail. You can zoom in on specific areas of the video, slow down or speed up the playback, and even extract still images from the footage for closer examination. This can be particularly useful when reviewing accidents, incidents, or any other events captured by the dash cam.

Evidence Collection

Dash cam footage can serve as crucial evidence in case of accidents, road incidents, or other legal matters. Dash cam software allows you to easily export and save specific video clips or still images, ensuring that you have the necessary evidence for insurance claims, police reports, or legal proceedings.

GPS Data and Timestamps

Many dash cams record additional data, such as GPS coordinates and timestamps, along with the video footage. Dash cam software can display this information on a map or overlay it on the video playback, providing context and additional details about the recorded events.

Configuration and Settings

Dash cam software often includes settings and configuration options that allow you to customize various aspects of your dash cam's operation. You can adjust video quality settings, change recording modes, set up motion detection, and manage other features through the software interface.

Firmware Updates

Dash cam software may also facilitate firmware updates for your device. Manufacturers often release firmware updates to improve performance, add new features, or address any issues. With the software, you can easily download and install these updates, keeping your dash cam up to date.

Overall, dash cam software enhances the functionality and usability of your dash cam, providing convenient video playback, detailed analysis, evidence collection, and configuration options to make the most of your recorded footage.