Rexing Leads In EV Charging Solutions & Accessories

Rexing Leads In EV Charging Solutions & Accessories

Rexing Leading The Design & Manufacturing of EV Accessories

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Rexing leads in the design and manufacturing of EV charging solutions and Accessories


 At Rexing, it’s our mission to provide tech products that prioritize safety, empower people’s lives, and serve the public good. 

As a tech company at the forefront of Auto Electronics, we believe that the future of the automotive industry is at a turning point. 

Exciting innovations have us questioning the validity of gas cars due to their impact on the environment. A push toward efficacy is ushering in a new wave and EVs (Electric Vehicles) are taking over the scene. 

The number of EVs in the US is estimated to reach 27 million by 2030 and 92 million by 2040

As EVs take the industry by storm,

Our research & development team has been hard at work–designing the right tech solutions–to deliver exactly what every EV driver needs… 
  1. Reliability – Charging Stability & Availability
  2. Simplicity – All-In-One Self Service Tools

EV drivers need easy and efficient ways to charge their vehicles, whether at home, on the road, or taking an overnight trip. 

Our new line is full of tech solutions for an enhanced EV driving and charging experience.

For Tesla Drivers

J1772 To Tesla Adapter 


With our J1772 To Tesla Adapter, Tesla drivers can charge their vehicle’s at any public J1772 charging station. 

The adapter’s easy to use–just connect to charge, and perfect for travel and charging on-the-go. It’s small and compact, plus it comes w/ a travel case, making it easy to store and grab when you need it! 


CCS1 To Tesla Adapter 

Charge your Tesla at any DC CCS Level 3 Fast Charging Station with our CCS1 To Tesla Adapter. 

Built with the highest grade titanium copper alloy for quick power transfer W/ high specific strength, safe temperature control, and excellent corrosion resistance. 

It includes temperature monitoring and a dual-temp safety switch that auto completes charging when the adapter reaches 200 °F.


Tesla Docking Station 


Our multi-functional charging hub is specifically designed to fit snugly in the center console of your Tesla. Quick charge multiple devices at once, stream music, and access your favorite media and apps on your Tesla touchscreen. 

Keep your vehicle organized and say goodbye to jumbled and miscellaneous wires; with our docking station, everything has a place and it’s right there when you need it. 


Tesla Extension Cable 

Make EV charging work for you. Our Tesla extension cable extends your reach by 40 ft, so you can charge whenever and wherever you’d like. 

It’s durable and encased in high-strength ABS waterproof plastic that’s made for longtime and outdoor use. Supports charging speeds of up to 40 amps and is compatible with Level 1 and Level charging stations. 


For Any Brand EV 

Tesla To J1772 Adapter 


Charge any brand EV that has a J1772 port at Tesla Level 1 and Level 2 Charging Stations. Our J1772 adapter can fully power your vehicle in 1-2 hours with charging speeds of up to 20kW / 80 amp. 

It’s travel sized and comes with a protective case; comfortably store it in your car and expand your charging options with access to over 5,000 Tesla charging stations across the US!


 Portable J1772 EV Charger 

Set-up & Connect In a Flash! You can plug our portable J1772 charger into any NEMA 14-50 outlet within 25 ft and start powering w/ adjustable currents. 

With charging speeds up to 40 amp you can get 55 miles worth of battery in one hour. Ideal for both at home use and on-the-road. With internal temperature monitor and LED indicators charging is never a challenge. 


J1772 Extension Cable 

Extend your reach up to 40 ft as well as your options for charging.

Our J1772 Extension Cable gives you the flexibility you need to charge your EV anytime, anywhere. 

You can fully power your vehicle in 1-2 hours with charging speeds of up to 40 amp. It’s durable, waterproof, and has internal temperature monitoring, perfect for longtime and outdoor use.