Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Older Vehicle with Smart Car Accessories

Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Older Vehicle with Smart Car Accessories

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With cutting-edge car accessories, your car now has the potential to become as good as new. 

Latest innovations in car accessories  not only elevate your driving experience but also seamlessly integrate high-tech features, breathing new life into your older vehicle without breaking the bank. 

Let’s explore some essential car accessories that promise to transform your drive into a smooth, luxury experience.

X5 Wireless Qi Charging Mount: Cutting-edge Convenience

REXING X5 Wireless Charging Mount is the epitome of convenience. Charge your smartphone at eye level while driving to avoid the distraction of looking down or reaching for your device. Navigate effortlessly with turn-by-turn directions, enjoy music streaming apps, and receive instant notifications, all without diverting your attention from the road.

Wireless Qi Charging: Bid farewell to tangled wires as advanced Qi-Certified technology wirelessly charges your phone. With fast-charging capabilities up to 15W, your device stays powered up without hassle.

Automatic Clamping: Step into the future with an intelligent motion sensor that automatically opens and closes clamping arms, providing effortless phone mounting and retrieval.

FMT2 Bluetooth 5.0 & FM Transmitter: Your Car, Your Concert Hall

REXING FMT2 Bluetooth transmitter transforms your vehicle's stereo system with a stable connection for high-quality music. Transmit and play audio through your car stereo using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and FM Radio, ensuring a superior music streaming experience.

Hands-Free Calling Excellence: Enjoy crystal-clear conversations through the built-in microphone featuring noise cancellation. Manage calls effortlessly with one-button control and keeps your hands on the wheel for enhanced safety. 

AUX2 Bluetooth Receiver: Upgrade Your Vehicle's Connectivity

REXING AUX2 Bluetooth receiver elevates your vehicle's connectivity with Bluetooth 5.1 capabilities, so you can effortlessly play music and audiobooks through your car stereo. Stay safe on the road with hands-free calling and voice assistant integration, enabling easy management of calls, texts, and navigation.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Wireless Bluetooth: Connect seamlessly using dual-band Wi-Fi and wireless Bluetooth for an enhanced experience.

78W Quick Charging Car Charger: Power On the Go

REXING 78W Quick Car Charger helps you to stay powered during your travels with quick charging technology, allowing you to charge up to two devices simultaneously using the 78W PowerDelivery+ USB-C and QC3.0 USB Port.

Compact Design and Wide Compatibility: The ultra-compact design seamlessly fits into any vehicle, ensuring wide compatibility with all your personal devices. LED indicator lights make it easy to confirm connection to power source as well as find in the dark. 

Transform Your Drive 

Upgrade your driving experience with the REXING X5, FMT2, AUX2, 78W, or check out more of our state-of-the-art car accessories that bring convenience, connectivity, and power to your fingertips.

Whether you're wirelessly charging your phone, streaming music seamlessly, enhancing your vehicle's connectivity, transform your drive today and embrace the future of smart car accessories.

Easily keep your devices charged on-the-go, these accessories are designed to make your journey enjoyable and stress-free.