New To Dash Cams? Start Here

Whether you need a rundown on specific features or just want to learn more about how a dash cam works, this guide is for you! If you need help deciding which dash cam to purchase, here you can find all the information you need to make the best decision.

Table of Contents

Dash Cam 101

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Dash Cam Basic Features


Dash Cam Advanced Features

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Dash Cam Accessories

  • Dash Cam Mounts A review of suction cup vs. adhesive mounts, learn which is best for your camera.
  • CPL Filter How to eliminate lens glare and reflections in your dash cam footage.
  • Hardwire Kit Learn how to install your dash cam with a hardwire kit to draw power directly from your fuse box.
  • Fuse Tap Learn how to install your dash using a fuse tap to draw power from a specific fuse.
  • OBD Hardwire Kit Learn how to install and to power a dash cam using a OBD-II port.
  • External GPS Logger Plug and play GPS provides optional tracking experience.
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